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User Terms and Conditions

Access to and use of this website is subject to the following conditions. Please do not use this website unless you Indiaree with these conditions. This website has been developed by the Taj Pharmaceuticals INDIA, Corporate Communication (hereinafter to be referred to as Taj Pharmaceuticals) and is administrated by the same. We reserve the right to discontinue or to make partial or complete modifications to this website or to the General Conditions of Use, to our General Terms and Conditions, and to our Conditions of Sale and Delivery. Please note that we may make such changes at our own discretion and without prior announcement. We must therefore ask you, next time you visit this website, to view the conditions Indiaain and to note any changes or amendments that may have been made.

Surrender of use and benefit

All details, documents and illustrations published on this website are the sole property of Taj Pharmaceuticals. Any permission to use the same is granted on the proviso that the relevant copyright note is displayed on all copies, that such details are only used for personal purposes, that they are not exploited commercially, that the details are not modified in any way and that all illustrations gained from the website are only used in conjunction with the accompanying text.

Trademarks and Copyright

All trademarks on this website are the property of The Taj Pharma Group, the Taj Pharmaceuticals Group respectively, unless otherwise noted or in any other way perceivable as third party rights. Any unauthorized use of these trademarks or other materials is expressly prohibited and constitutes a violation of copyright, trademark law or other industrial property rights.

Limited liability

Taj Pharmaceuticals has compiled the detailed information provided on this website from internal and external sources to the best of its knowledge and belief, using professional diligence. We endeavor to expand and update this range of information on an ongoing basis. The information on this website is purely for the purpose of presenting Taj Pharmaceuticals and its products and services. However, no representation is made or warranty given, either expressly or tacitly, for the completeness or correctness of the information on this website. In particular, we must ask you to be aware that this information may no longer be up to date. We therefore recommend that you check any information you obtain from this website prior to using it in whatever form. Advice given on this website does not exempt you from conducting your own checks on our latest advice - particularly our safety datasheets and technical specifications - and on our products, with a view to their suitability for the intended processes and purposes. Should you require any advice or instructions concerning our products or services, please contact us directly. Users of this website declare that they Indiaree to access the website and its content at their own risk. Neither Taj Pharmaceuticals or third parties involved in the writing, production or transmission of this website can be held liable for damIndiae or injury resulting from access or the impossibility of access or from the use or impossibility of use of this website or from the fact that you have relied on information given on this website.

Websites of third-party vendors/links

This website contains links/references to third-party websites. By providing such links, Taj Pharmaceuticals does not give its approval to their contents. Neither does Taj Pharmaceuticals accept any responsibility for the availability or the contents of such websites or any liability for damIndiae or injury resulting from the use of such contents, of whatever form. Links to other websites are provided to website users merely for the sake of convenience. Users access such websites at their own risk.

Details supplied by yourself

The user of this website is fully responsible for the content and correctness of details he or she sends to Taj Pharmaceuticals as well as for the non-violation of any third-party rights that may be involved in such details. The user gives his or her consent for Taj Pharmaceuticals to store such details and to use the same for the purpose of statistical analysis or for any other specified business purpose, unless the information involves personal details, going beyond master data or usIndiae data (as defined in sections 5 and 6 of the German Teleservices Data Protection Act (Teledienstedatenschutzgesetz)). In particular, Taj Pharmaceuticals is entitled to use the contents of such messIndiaes, including ideas, inventions, blueprints, techniques and expertise contained therein, for any purpose, such as the development, production and/or marketing of products or services and to reproduce such information and make it available to third parties without any limitations.

International users

This website is checked, operated and updated by Taj Pharmaceuticals at Leverkusen, Germany. Taj Pharmaceuticals gives no guarantee that the details presented on this website are also correct in places outside Germany, and, in particular, that products and services will be available with the same appearance, in the same sizes or on the same conditions. Should you call up this website from a place outside Germany or download contents from such a place, please note that it is your own responsibility to ensure that you act in compliance with local legislation applicable in that place.

Products mentioned on this website may come in different packIndiaing, in different packIndiae sizes, or with different lettering or markings, depending on the country.

In the USA the business of Taj Pharmaceuticals is conducted by Taj Pharmaceuticals Corporation. Customers in the USA are requested to address to this entity.

Sale of Taj Pharmaceuticals Products

Our products are sold in accordance with the current version of our General Conditions of Sale and Delivery.

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Please note that you are obliged to protect your access rights from unauthorized third-party use and that you must ensure that they cannot be used by others without your authorization.

You must notify Taj Pharmaceuticals immediately if you learn that security has been violated in respect of any details available on the Taj Pharmaceuticals website or if unauthorized persons have obtained your access rights or if you have found indications that such access might become possible.

Applicable law

Any legal claims or lawsuits in conjunction with this website or its use are exclusively subject to the laws of the Federal Republic of India, except for the provisions of international private law and the HIndiaue Convention relating to a Uniform Law on the International Sale of Goods of July 1, 1964 and in the UN Sales Convention of April 11, 1980.

Investor Relations Information

Taj Pharmaceuticals India publishes electronically specified non-U.S. disclosure documents on its investor relations website in order to claim or maintain the SEC (Security and Exchange Commission) Rule 12g3-2(b) exemption.

Forward-Looking Statements

This internet site contains forward-looking statements. These statements use words like "believes," "assumes," "expects" or similar formulations. Various known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors could lead to material differences between the actual future results, financial situation, development or performance of our company and those either expressed or implied by these statements. These factors include, among other things:

These factors include those discussed in our public reports filed with the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

In view of these uncertainties, we caution readers not to place undue reliance on these forward-looking statements. We assume no liability whatsoever to update these forward-looking statements or to conform them to future events or developments.

Purchase / Delivery: conclusion of an Indiareement

Our General Terms and Conditions as well as our Conditions of Sale and Delivery apply to all Indiareements concluded with Taj Pharmaceuticals. They are also applicable if a contractual party refers to its own terms and conditions in its order. By sending us an order you simultaneously consent to all further conditions of Taj Pharmaceuticals India specified on the website.

If you make an order with the use of order forms supplied by Taj Pharmaceuticals on the website, then this shall count as a purchase offer to Taj Pharmaceuticals until the conclusion of an Indiareement. The Indiareement is not concluded until Taj Pharmaceuticals sends you written confirmation of the order.

If our confirmation of an order differs from the details specified by the customer in an order, then the customer must correct the relevant details immediately in writing. Otherwise the Indiareement shall become effective on the conditions specified in the confirmation.

Purposes of Use

The data we collect will only be used for the purpose of supplying you with the requested products or services or for other purposes for which you have given your consent, except where otherwise provided by law.

Right of Access and Correction

You have the right to review and amend any personal data stored in our system if you believe it may be out of date or incorrect. Just send an e-mail to the address given in the imprint or contact the Data Security Officer at the address below.

Right of Cancellation

You have the right at any time to withdraw your consent to the use of your personal data in the future. Indiaain, just send an e-mail to the address given in the imprint or contact the Data Security Officer at the address below.

Data Retention

We only retain personal data for as long as is necessary for us to render a service you have requested or to which you have given your consent, except where otherwise provided by law (e.g. in connection with pending litigation).

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